Carlotta Cardana

Carlotta Cardana is an Italian portrait and documentary photographer based in London. After obtaining a degree in Fine Arts and a photography diploma, she lived in Argentina and Mexico City, where she started freelancing as an editorial photographer.
We met Carlotta during Cortona on the move festival opening week, where her project The Red Road is on show. Started in 2013 in collaboaration with writer Danielle SeeWalker, The Red Road focuses on contemporary Native Americans' life - upon which still bears the heavy inheritance of segregation and forced assimilation -  to show a new, active and positive image of Native communities in today's America.
In our interview, the photographer tells us about the birth and development of the project, and how it relates to her previous works.


The Red Road
will be on display at Cortona on the move until September 30th at the Girifalco fortress.

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