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Phom is developed and run by:

> MARCO BENNA project, communication, texts, videos
He’s a communication expert. He operates in the corporate and social fields with LAND, his company. His relationship with photography has been far and wide, high and low and it encompasses anecdotes, shootings, words and much more.
Within Phom, he's the one who brought the project to life. He often co-writes interviews with Gabriele, talks with possible partners and manages both the institutional and non-institutional relations.

> MARIATERESA DELL'AQUILA  website and social media, communication, relation with photographers
Not a thoroughbred Torinese, web lover and social media addicted, Maria Teresa has been working in digital communication for years - and she’s taken up user experience not too long ago, too. Her passion for photography drives her to observe photos non-stop, and to make shootings for an array of themes.
Within Phom she manages the relations with the interviewed photographers, and web and social media - thus killing her two favorite birds with one stone.

> GABRIELE MAGAZZU' research, texts, videos
He’s active in the writing, management and shooting for cinema and photography. Every now and then he adds new bits to his personal works.
Within Phom he is an editor and the discoverer of new and old photographers.

> STEFANO TODESCATO web, logistics
Yachtsman, cyclist, web producer. He graduated in Photography and he keeps the passion and interest in it to himself. He explores his life with any photographical means.
Within Phom he manages the blog and documents the group’s activities through photos.

> GIANCARLO MARIA TRAINA translator, proofreader
Giancarlo's academic background is Law, but words are his true passion. Regardless of whether he’s writing or reading them, he always tries to be alert to what meanings and forms they may be ascribed to. He has two dogs, he loves the sea and he enjoys being stimulated by photography for the pure sake of knowledge and personal betterment.

Within Phom he works as content Ita-Eng translator.
You can reach him on Instagram as @ggiangian and on his website.

The communication for the event is produced by LAND. Marina Sozzi was the fundraiser for the first part of the project.

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