Phom continues to delve into the field of photography introducing Incontri (“Encounters”) - an initiative to meet internationally-renowned photographers and specialists to debate the shifts in society, territory, language and work with regards to the photographer’s perspective.

Each meeting will be hosted in a significant place of the city of Turin. There will be ample room for mutual confrontation, and to observe the transformations that contemporary photography is undergoing in relation with the changes within our world and time.

The program consists of four meetings, spread over June, July, September and October.

JUNE 10th – The transformation of the photographer’s job
Toolbox, Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 – 20,45

The evolutionary cycles of technologies, the crisis of the publishing industry, the social and economic markets changes force - often unexpected - shifts to the photographer’s job, leaving small certainties for the future. And yet it is these very changes that will produce new scenarios. Are they going to be new for tomorrow’s photographers, as well?

Speakers: Simone Donati, from Terraproject collective, and Paolo Ranzani, photographer and director of  the Photo Department at IED, Turin. 

JULY 1st - The transformations of society
Casa del quartiere di San Salvario, Via Oddino Morgari, 14 - 20,45

One of photography’s most peculiar features has always been the ability to give back social reality. In what ways has photography managed to go the paths of social changes, by anticipating or merely taking notice of them?

Speakers: photographers Paolo Verzone and Alessandro Alberttogether with sociologist Tatiana Mazali.

September 23rd – The transformations of the Territory
IAAD, Via Pisa, 5 - 20,45

Cities change their skin with fluxes of people (both local and migrants), keeping a constant flow. New architectural structures transform the cities’ skyline and the very concept of urban space. Individuals take posses of the territory and manipulate it in light of their own uses. In what ways does photography investigate, explore and document these transformations?

Speakers: Fulvio Bortolozzo, photographer, and Alessandro Grella, professor at Iaad/Politecnico di Torino and executive at

OCTOBER 20th - The transformations of Language
Circolo dei Lettori, Via Giambattista Bogino, 9 - 20,45

Photography is endowed with an extraordinary persuasive ability on contemporary society - equal to a mere handful of other means. Media and their contents participate in shaping up these representations through languages that evolve - and, most notably - contaminate each other. Just think about the interwoven structure of multimedia, social connections and traditional photographic forms. In light of this, what is photography’s role in such a scenario?

Speakers: Marco CasinoWorld Press Photo 2014 - Multimedia Section winning photographer, and Liborio Termineessayist and professor of Photography and History of Cinema at the University of Turin.

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