project phom

Phom originates from the desire to recount photography in its relation with narration and multimedia. We want to deepen the work of photographers, the way of designing and developing their vision, and their most well-established practices in the creative and productive processes.

We are keen to understand the evolution and the meaning of photography in a constantly-changing social context.

Our first step is this blog. It is a space where we want to share the opinions of the photographers and the workers in the sector we will meet, and recommend events or contents we deem interesting - thus making our contribution with a new outlook on contemporary photography. We ask the photographers we interview to point out another author, as a kind of “passage of the baton” that reinforces our idea of storytelling as a narrative twine of relations.

Future activities will comprise exhibitions and in-depth meetings related to the debate around photography, narration and media - in addition to meetings to learn about both national and international photographers.

Phom was born in Turin. We deem it vital to keep up relations and collaborations with the city and with those who live it as an active subject in the realm of photography.

Simultaneously, Phom operates on other levels as guest, partner and collaborator to different events. That is because we believe it is crucial to share resources, energies, perspectives and values.

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