A short booklet on (perhaps) the least celebrated of Robert Frank’s periods, the one spanning from the 1970s onwards. In those days the author takes back his biography through the correspondence with friends of the likes of Ginsberg, Kerouac, and artists and photographers who have followed and appreciated him through the years. A little editorial gem that Phom is pleased to share with you.

Overwhelmed by the myth of  The Americans, 1970s Robert Frank (the one who "returned" to still images ) was somewhat subjected to a kind of involuntary eclipse - or at least an underestimation, as if he were overclouded by his own shadow.

In this small booklet, Thank You, lays the true essence of that Frank - paradoxically augmented by the fact that the booklet doesn’t comprise images by him.
Instead, it contains postcards that friends and acquaintances would send him over the years, to salute and congratulate him, and show their support.
“A humble and reluctant kind of autobiography” wrote the editor when the booklet was first published, resorting to exceptionally spot on words. A small autobiography narrated by others through words and images, yet incredibly assembled by its protagonist with a spirit and ways much similar to those of his other images - namely those of Flamingo: that is rauschenberghian collages where the surrounding life breaks in, breaks out and builds up.

It’s an occasion to rediscover the “beat” spirit of Frank, a short diary halfway between a public and private recollection.

Scalo publishing, Zurich-Berlin-New York, 1996.
80 pp., 60 images in color and b&w, 5x8".

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