We recommend this new project by Terra Project and Wu Ming 2 (from the narrators’ collective Wu Ming). The project is entitled 4, a journey through Italy between photography and narration curated by Renata Ferri (picture editor for Io Donna, Amica/RCS Group). Oftentimes photography and narration are joined together producing very differentiated outcomes and methods. That’s what draws a particular attention towards 4. The photographers’ collectives working on it are amongst the most interesting groups at the moment. Merit must be given to one of their members not only for writing distinctly alluring books, but also for being a point of reference for the political and civil commitment expressed - regardless of the extent of appreciation for the contents.
In addition to that, we’d like to point out the crowdfunding activity to release the book - an established mechanism of our time that’s allowed for the creation of new development horizons when it comes to photography. We at Phom are particularly keen to explore the meeting between photography and narration, how it originated and how it worked out. We’ll try and ask them on Phom.
4 is not only a book, but an exhibition, too (curated by Daria Filardo). It opens Saturday 9th November at 18h00. Reading concert by Wu Ming 2 at 19h00 at SUC-exhibition space Le Murate - P.zza delle Murate (Florence).

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