Zoe Strauss – 10 years

Zoe Strauss

The International Center of Photography in New York is dedicating an exhibition to photographer Zoe Strauss, born in Philadelphia in 1970. The exhibition offers a comprehensive retrospective of the 10 years (2001-2010) Zoe Strauss used to display her works, yearly, under highway I95’s flyovers in her hometown. Back then the audience could buy admire her photos and buy them at $5 each.

The photographer describes her work as “an epic narration about everyday beauty and life”. She does so by telling of her neighbors and her hometown’s streets and houses - never losing grip on the most meaningful and melancholic details of her stories.
You might bump into Zoe while walking through the exhibition. She won’t miss the chance to let you know how pleased she is with your visit - in her thick Philly accent. 
Zoe Strauss: 10 years at theInternational Center of Photography, New York. October 4,  2013 - January 19, 2014.
Mariateresa Dell'Aquila

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