Fort McMoney

Fort McMoney

After months of shooting and several years of research, authors David Dufresne and Philippe Brault, previously known for Prison Valley, have created a collaborative docu-game that leads us straight into the pulsing heart of Fort McMurray, hub of the Canadian oil industry.
In collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, Arte, Le Monde and Süddeutsche Zeitung, Fort McMoney explores the exploitation of oil sands in Athabasca by the Canadian government and private corporations.
Based upon the experience with collaborative storytelling of the videogame universe, the documentary utilises a plunging interface that places viewers in the shoes of the report’s authors.
Through an interactive journey, the interests behind this apparent welfare and flamboyant wealth are bluntly revealed. Just like a detective, you can stroll around the city, meet the protagonists, explore places and witness the intricated bundle of interests unravel as they turned breathtaking natural landscapes into some sort of "Oil Las Vegas" - also causing immense environmental damages.

Fort McMoney has received (and keeps being awarded with) countless prizes and acknowledgements dedicated to documentaries and cross-media.

Here are the links to the docu-game, and the trailer.

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